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2019 Megaformer Challenge in full swing!

We're challenging you to 100 megaformer classes in 2019.  The race is on and the first member to 100 classes gets access to an unlimited monthly membership for LIFE!!  As if that is not incentive enough, we've got milestones in between.  The first member to 30 classes gets a One-Hour massage, after all those muscles will be sore.  The first member to 50 classes gets an 8-pack added to their account to keep that momentum going.  Surprise challenges will pop up along the way, giving you a chances to show off your mega-strength for prizes!!

Chiropractic care is safe and effective for the whole family.  Bring your kids in for a healthy spine check today.  

Choose Health!

Whether YOUR goal is weight loss, wellness or toning, it’s OUR goal to support you on your health journey. BodyRestoration is a unique wellness center, integrating Chiropractic care with core-stabilizing exercise, massage therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and dietary guidance to best meet your holistic health objectives. Our philosophy is:  Balanced Structure = Balanced Function. By combining multiple specialties at a single location, our trained experts work with you bring your body to wellness from the inside out.

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Chiropractic care restores and maintains balance in the spine, relieving stresses on the nervous system and joints, as well as on the muscles and ligaments that attach to them. As the pain-free range of motion expands, the nervous system is freed up to do its job of maintaining your optimal health. And you’re free to enjoy a challenging workout! Try our fun-but-intense classes that are designed to stimulate you regardless of your fitness level. We keep the music pumping and the encouragement coming!

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Holistic Approach

BodyRestoration offers inclusive approach to wellness, starting with Chiropractor Dr. Kristin Beierle. Dr. Kristin collaborates with a licensed acupuncturist and skilled, licensed massage therapists to relieve sore or tight muscles, reduce stress and repair your health from the most basic levels. In our MegaFormer LaGree Fitness studio, we practice a revolutionary form of exercise that draws on both the toning qualities of a Pilates reformer and the muscle-balancing, fat-burning of a high-octane workout.


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Posted: Oct 5, 2015
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BodyRestoration is credited for going above and beyond to bring wellness to the 805

BodyRestoration Chiropractic is credited with bringing a new approach to wellness to the 805, as recognized by 805 Living in their October issue.  Excited and flattered to be mentioned, BodyRestoration is ready to share our vision with the 805!  Through integrating acupuncture, therapeutic massage, dietary advisement, and our Megaformer studio with the Evidence Based Chiropractic care, BodyRestoration has unique, well-rounded approach to helping people reach their health goals.


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