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Megaformer Classes

About Megaformer

Get ready to work out muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Lagree Fitness MegaformerThe MegaformerTM machines are like Pilates reformers but re-imagined as fitness equipment. Developed by Sebastien Lagree, the MegaformerTM class will make your muscles burn and shake, providing you with an intensely comprehensive workout in only 45 minutes.

While low impact, to keep the pressure off your joints, MegaformerTM uses a sequence of resistance and counter-resistance to strengthen muscles, tone your body and dial up your metabolism.

As an athlete who has experienced a wide range of exercise methods, I was amazed at how quickly I started seeing results. I’m addicted now to the adrenalin that comes with intense exercise and the burn of a fierce workout from the MegaformerTM classes.

Are you ready to take up the challenge?

Class Details

(Leading our classes is Dr. Kristin Beierle, DC, and our team of CERTIFIED LAGREE TRAINERS. Learn more about Dr. Kristin.

For new members, your first class is only $10 and you are eligible for a New Member Discounted Class Pack to welcome you to the studio.



Class times:

Mon 7:10a*, 8:40a, 9:30a, 12:15p, 4:30p, 5:30p

Tues  8:40a, 9:30a, 3:45p, 4:45p, 5:45p

Weds 7:10a, 8:40a, 9:30a, 4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p

Thurs 6:15a, 8:40a, 9:30a, 12:15p, 3:45p, 4:45p, 5:45p

Fri 7:10a, 8:40a, 9:30a, 3:45p, 4:45p

Sat 8:00a, 9:00a, 10:00a

Sun 8:30a, 9:30a

We understand that schedules change. Out of respect for our staff and other members, the following cancellation policies are in place. Please, no exceptions.  

We require at least 6 hours notice for Megaformer Class cancellations. Cancellation of classes with less than 6 hours notice will result in loss of that class.

Unbooked classes or classes with only one enrolled member within 3 hours of start time may be subject to removal from the schedule.  It is ALWAYS recommended to check the schedule and/or notify the studio before last minute sign ups to be sure space is available in your desired class time.  Your trainer will notify you of any schedule changes that may need to be made to any classes in which you are currently enrolled.  Drop-ins are NOT reccomended and may not be accomodated due to restrictions of space or availability.  

(*) indicates a non-standard class, please check class descriptions when booking online prior to enrolling.

In order to keep our clients and equipment safe and sanitary, and in accodance with county health code, clients MUST wear tread socks/ToeSox

  • Please refrain from wearing heavy perfume, lotions, and oils
  • Please turn off cell phones when in studio
  • Clients are responsible for wiping/cleaning of machine after each use
  • Clients must have SIGNED Waiver and Release completed prior to participating

For NEW MEMBERS, please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your first class, so we can introduce you to the studio and the machine.


Class rates

Contracts: 6-month contract required.  Membership will bill automatically each month for 6 consecutive months.  Classes are valid for one calendar month.   No interruptions to billing or membership is permitted during contracted period.

8-Classes Monthly                  $129/mo  

12-Classes Monthly                $159/mo 

16-Classes Monthly                $199/mo  

Visitor pass*                                   $59  *(This option allows 3 Megaformer classes within 15 days

4-Class Supplemental**                 $79  **(This option will automatically renew when reaches zero or within 30 days)                  


Class Packs: Valid for one year from purchase date.  No contract required.    

5 class pack           $125

10 class pack*        $229 

20 class pack*        $399

Single session          $30

(*may be shared with up to one family member)


New Members 

First Class                           $10

New Member Special         $99 for 8 or $49 for 3 megaformer classes to be used within one calendar month

Student/Military Pack          $99 for 8 megaformer classes. Classes valid for one year from purchase date.  Valid ID required.