Dr. Kristin Beierle, DC

Dr. Kristin Beierle is a Thousand Oaks native, graduating from La Reina High School and continuing on to CSUCI for a bachelor's degree in Biology.  While in school, Dr. Kristin suffered a serious snowboarding injury that lead her to seek the care of a Chiropractor.  Within the first few treatments, it was evident that the care she was receiving was greatly helping relieve her pain and starting her not only on a path to recovery, but to a compete wellness life stlye that included changes in diet, fitness, and a continuation of the extracurricular activities she loved.  

Her Chiropractic experience also sparked her interest in working on the human body and following graduation at CSUCI, Dr. Kristin went on to massage school to increase her skills and knowledge of the musculoskeletal system.  As a massage therapist, she worked as an independent contractor, for a physical therapy office, and a Chiropractic clinic, adopting the business name of BodyRestoration.  Feeling inspired by Chiropractic and how it works on more than just the body, affecting the nervous system and each individual in a way that heals the physical, mental and environmental stresses encountered every day, she decided to pursue a Doctorate of Chiropractic.

Graduating with honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic, West Campus in 2012, she received the college’s Clinical Excellence Award.  Upon returning home to Thousand Oaks, Dr. Kristin was introduced to the Lagree Fitness Method using the Megaformer.  The workout stimulates and strengthens every muscle while still keeping the movements low impact on the joints.  Not only does the Megaformer improve physical strength, balance and muscle tone, it has the added benefit of helping drop sizes and overall reduction of chronic aches and pains.   It was the perfect addition to a Chiropractic Wellness Center.      

It took a year and three months – and plenty of sweat equity! – but on June 1, 2015 BodyRestoration was re­born once again as BodyRestoration Chiropractic Wellness Center. Here, we marry the physical strengthening and toning we strive to achieve in physical rehabilitation through the LaGree method with the joint and musculoskeletal alignment of Chiropractic care. In addition, we offer therapeutic massage provided by skilled, licensed massage therapists, and acupuncture and oriental medicine provided by our licensed Acupuncturist. We also work with a dietary advisor who is available to help guide patients in using daily food choices to meet physical goals.

BodyRestoration Chiropractic Wellness is now a multi­faceted team with a killer approach to physical care and wellness, the only business like this in the Conejo Valley.